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Embrace efficiency and accuracy with our AI-powered automation solution that pioneers first-pass AI integration across your company's AP inbox and say goodbye to manual AP data entry processing

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Simplify Your Invoicing Workflow

Tired of spending hours manually entering invoice data?
Our platform automates the entire process, saving you time and reducing errors.

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your Accounts Payable data entry process with our AI-driven application, seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow. By leveraging cutting-edge automation technology, we streamline AP data entry for invoice management and Vendor account statement processing, amongst other related documents, reducing manual labor and eliminating errors. Our advanced AI algorithms, powered by OCR and predictive analytics, ensure swift and accurate execution of tasks, saving you valuable time and resources.

How long does it take to enter an Invoice?

KPI Metrics

Total Time - 5 sec

PO/SL data is correct in Vista and correct on invoice

Reduce manual effort by - 36x Total Time and 100x Total Clicks & Keystrokes
Total Clicks and Keystrokes - 1
Total Time - 20 secTotal Clicks and Keystrokes - 10 clicks

No PO/SL is found in Vista or on invoice

Reduce manual effort by - 30x Total Time and 30x Total Clicks & Keystrokes

PO/SL is found in Vista but is
not found on invoice.

Reduce manual effort by - 40x Total Time and 50x Total Clicks & Keystrokes
Total Time - 30 secTotal Clicks and Keystrokes - 10 clicks

Missing PO, wrong PO, incomplete PO in Vista, incorrect taxes, etc.

Total Time - 30 secTotal Clicks and Keystrokes - 10 clicksReduce manual effort by - 20x Total Time and 50x Total Clicks & Keystrokes

Be up and running in less then a day

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product Capabilities

Powerful Features for Seamless Automation

Real-time Automation

While other products depend on scheduled tasks for automation, our solution operates seamlessly in real time, ensuring immediate action without the constraints of set schedules. This ensures that your data is continuously synced without any delays or manual intervention. your existing workflow and accounting software for effortless syncing of data.

Simplified Data Entering

In contrast to solutions necessitating complex integration processes, our product simplifies data handling through straightforward import and export procedures, eliminating the need for intricate system authentication and management.

Fully Automated Integration

Bid farewell to CSV files, manual imports, and exports. Our integration process is entirely automated, sparing you from the hassle of managing data transfers. With our solution, integration becomes effortless and fully automated, guaranteeing a smooth experience without any manual intervention.


Answers to Your Questions

How are invoices sent?
Invoices are sent via email, seamlessly integrated into your regular correspondence and regular workflow. The application further enhances efficiency with automatically generated email responses tailored to various use cases.
What format can the files be?
Files can be:
  • PDF
  • Content of the email
What types of workflows and documents can be processed?
Our application can process two workflows:
  • AP invoice data entry for all types (e.g. PO, SL, SM Work Order, Inventory Equipment, GL, Job)
  • Vendor account statements
  • We are continuing to develop additional workflows to automate dataflows related to the Accounts Payable function
How does prediction work?
Prediction is achieved through OCR performed on the file and matching based on historical data from the existing database. This allows for accurate prediction of vendor matches based on past correspondence.
How does AP Wizard manage validation and correction of taxes in invoices, considering the extensive use of over 100,000 tax codes across the US and the need for frequent changes based on shipping, job, or vendor location?
In order to validate the taxes, AP Wizard pulls the shipping city information from the invoice, allowing the user the option to use the tax code associated with the shipping address, job, or vendor. All these options are available, visible to the user, and can be selected with one click.

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